Short Track N-Scale Model Railroad Guild

Scavenger Hunt

Have fun while experiencing the Donner Pass Exhibit by finding both historic artifacts and crazy “treasures” littered about the scene using the clues below. You will need a sharp eye to find them, but if you need help, click on the clue and receive a bit of help.

“Easy” Scavenger Hunt #1


ACME Truck

Douglas DC3


School Bus

Bee Keepers

Colfax Market

King of the Hill

Carried away by Balloons

Road Maintenance Crew

“Medium” Scavenger Hunt #1


Time “Pair-of-Docs”

Father & Son Duel

Jeep Over the Edge

“Bear”-ly Escaped

Ghost Town


Wedding Party

Millie P

Suburban Propane

“Hard” Scavenger Hunt #1

Dave’s Hardware

Flying A Service

Walker’s Toggery


Bike Rack

Picnic Interrupted (Yogi)

Porta-Potty Tipping

Harmonica Player