Donner Pass Exhibit (DPE)

SP 2-8-2 Mikado helper rounding Cape Horn towards Norden

SP AC-6 Cab-forward pulling its weight over Donner Summit

An SP Mikado passing the Colfax Lumber Co.

SP freight poking through downtown Colfax, CA

The Butte Canyon bridge

The Long Ravine bridge over Interstate 80

DPE Layout Highlights

  • The prototype runs from Roseville, CA to Sparks, NV.
  • 36 miles of code 55 N gauge track.
  • 190 Hand laid turnouts:
    • #10 for high speed crossovers
    • #8 for mainline access and passing sidings
    • #6 for yards and local spurs
  • 25 tunnels and snowsheds.
  • 100% DCC (computer) control using Digitrax and JMRI PanelPro.
  • All turnouts are motorized and may be operated from:
    • your hand-held train control
    • your smart phone
    • the dispatcher’s computer screen, or
    • local control panels.
  • Block occupancy detection and operating track signals.
  • More hand made trees than you can count.