Short Track Railroad – Track Plans

Donner Pass Exhibit (DPE) and NTRAK Track Plans

DPE Layout Highlights

  • The prototype runs from Roseville, CA to Sparks, NV.
  • The permanent DPE layout is 60 by 40 feet.
  • 36 miles of code 55 N gauge track.
  • 190 Hand laid turnouts:
    • #10 for high speed crossovers
    • #8 for mainline access and passing sidings
    • #6 for yards and local spurs
  • 25 tunnels and snowsheds
  • 100% DCC (computer) control using Digitrax and JMRI PanelPro.
  • All turnouts are motorized and may be operated from:
    • your hand-held train control
    • your smart phone
    • the dispatcher’s computer screen, or
    • local control panels.
  • Block occupancy detection and operating track signals.
  • More hand made trees than you can count.

NTRAK Layout Highlights

  • The NTRAK layout is 35 by 26 feet.
  • The layout consists of 38 NTRAK modules.
  • Each module is built to the international NTRAK standards.
  • The layout is completely portable.
  • The entire layout can be selectively operated by DC or DCC control systems.
  • Connects to the permanent DPE through a “T” module and an operating lift bridge.