Short Track Railroad - Club House

Section House

When we moved into the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum we purchased, installed and refurbished a used 3,600sf modular building. The building exclusively houses our Model Railroad Exhibits.

Parking is located adjacent to the Section House giving us great access. Both entry doors to the Section house are wheel chair accessable as well.



In addition to the interior of the Section House we also have a 300 SF covered patio with a BBQ we use for pot lucks and picnic lunches on Saturdays.


  • All three of our layouts
  • Large storage room
  • Tree Farm & Scenic Material Storage
  • Meeting area with audio/video equipment
  • 18"X24" laser cutter and CAD workstation
  • DCC Speed Matching Table and programming track
  • One of the best railroad research libraries in the nation.